Biodiversity Resources

28 Mar

1. More from Dr Loopy Have found out Doug Valentine is the elementary librarian at McKillop Elementary in Melissa Texas. He is also known as Dr Loopy or Doctor Loopy.
2. Productive pedagogies
3. Library budget resources – annual report research marketing average price resources
4. Use of Netvibes for pics and history pathfinder Students make netvibes portals
5. Pie chart of TL Day
6. History game
7. Privacy v publicity
8. Op shopping Brisbane
9. Library stuff – 2.0 Libraries magazine
10. Resources for the Year of Biodiversity
movie –Wall E
Uno’s Garden, Graeme Base (Penguin, 2006)
The Last Tree, by Mark Wilson (Lothian Books, 2007)
The Magician’s House series
Blacky Blasts Back: On the Tail of the Tassie Tiger by Barry Jonsberg
Reading Enriches Learning Resources
Thanks to Jo Schenkel for some of these, Aberfoyle Park Primary School, SA

Environmental Action Books- One child notes
Scoot, Scoot Bandicoot, by Karen Treanor (Quenda, 2003)
Miss Lily’s Fabulous Pink Feather Boa, by Margaret Wild (Puffin, 1999)
Green Air, by Jill Morris (Greater Glider Books, 1996)
Wetlands, by Tricia Oktober (Hodder Children’s Books, 2000)
Flush by Carl Hiasson
Thunderfish series by Simon Higgens
Picture Books- I saw nothing, said nothing, did nothing series by Gary Crew, Lothian – Thylacine
Video – childrens’s call to action
An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore
Movie and book – Watership Down
CMIS has lots of resources
Booklet including lesson plans
More lists
National geographic
Field museum
Online games and activities
From this blog previously
Whales and
Some web links
Online games and interactives

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