The Amazing Dr Loopy Doug Valentine

27 Mar

1. Examples also Doug uses Crazy Talk, but you can also use Blabbercize. It’s free but it does do less than Crazy Talk Pro (commercial software). Doug also recommends Glogster “The .edu.glogster site is now private and is an amazing tool for student work. This year our school theme is Star Trek and I created a Star Trek themed Glog web for our school at – Amazing!!! More at and Bit crazy Also and
2. Amazing Buffy Hamilton
3. Giving good presentations
4. Using Jing
5. Bullying article from Curriculum Corporation, though some of the research seems dated
6. Cruel Cuts – Student letters- why they want to keep their librarian School sacks all teachers
7. Teen blogging good
8. Transliteracy
9. Reading – Famous people reading stories The Importance of reading for enjoyment
10. Chop youtube videos this information comes from the Australian Copyright Council:
“YouTube’s Terms of Use prohibit downloading videos from the YouTube site. You can get access to the content on YouTube’s website, however, without looking at the Terms of Use. If you are not aware of the Terms of Use, and have not accepted them, then they are unlikely to be legally binding on you. If, on the other hand, you have accepted the Terms of Use – for example, by signing up – then you will be covered by a contract with YouTube and downloading videos would appear to breach that contract.”

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