Who are your heroes?

19 Mar

1. Books – 10 of the best: heroes from children’s fiction
2. Nurturing gifted students the US way
3. Cool graphic organizers from Tammy!%29.html
4. Limited play impacts behavior
5. More facebook concerns CEOP Internet filters have their place but rarely for teens
6. Using social media to get a job Internet & it worked
7. Social conformity in teens
8. Great articles –free download eg why co-curricular boosts academic performance
9. Can we get Great Teachers by Firing Bad Ones?
10. Jenny Glibert has started a folder of ICT activities stemming from using the book essential English Skills 8 – so far. She has started with sites related to spelling of words with prefixes and suffixes – could be good on an IWB as a warm up activity – or students on individual computers.

She uses it for her yr 8 class as revision and a bit of Friday fun – she breaks them into random groups and uses the 6 available PC’s in the room. 15 minute rotations gets the whole class having a’turn’. For each activity she asks them to post interesting new words to the discussion board on their NING. Also find Jenny @nenifoofer her Personal Learning Network:

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