Brain Pain Spasm- Plurk, plurk, plurk

28 Feb

1. Library of Images from the Environment
2. TL future
3. Interactive learning resources
4. “Show and Tell-Interactive Boards in the Art Room” on Art Education 2.0:
5. Magic Studio’s map maker – eg interactive Great Fire of London
6. Wordle trademark problems
7. Wishing Away Climate Change”
8. Tsunami – in the classroom? and Track Hawaii Tsunami Warnings Online Person finder – Chile Earthquake
9. Earthquake animation from BBC
10. Brain Pain -Cultural Neuroscience Cross-Generational Conversations About Digital Ethics (Part One), by Henry Jenkins and How brains learn to see: Pawan Sinha on

Reminder – School Library Web Presence Webinar March 1

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One response to “Brain Pain Spasm- Plurk, plurk, plurk

  1. Annette Olson

    October 19, 2010 at 5:33 am


    The link to our website (the first site listed abov) is wrong. Please try

    Thanks – and thanks for posting about us!



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