Make Reading A Habit : It’s Time Part 3

19 Feb

88 Generalizations about free reading

“My personal view is that what is important is promoting reading- this means having a TL available to run great sessions. If the kids have the chance to borrow this will help. There are many kids that borrow stuff they don’t read just because it is expected. To instill the joy of reading is far more important- and this doesn’t actually need borrowing to happen- home situations can stop kids from borrowing but not enjoying. In most high schools students don’t get taken to the library to borrow but in my own school our borrowing is huge because we buy books they are interested in and promote in many different ways including working with classroom teachers.”Comment from Peta Harrison, Teacher librarian/ICT coordinator Albany SHS – Used with Permission

The Power of Reading – Summary “The Power of Reading in its original edition offered groundbreaking research that fundamentally altered the way educators and language researchers approach literacy. It has become the foundation for the argument that free voluntary reading (FVR) is the most effective toll available for increasing literacy. Whether the medium is graphic novels, teen romances, the sports page, or literature, it is the act of reading itself that is the key to linguistic improvement. More free reading and
This blog- Jim Trelease- the power of the right book

1. Lots of Maths Casts More and—5-math Using weblist for Library Services Make your own list
2. More fugle
3. Internet search challenge
4. IPL making book recommendations
5. Reimagining learners as designers
6. Dig It – Soils
7. Enhance netvibes
8. Call for new librarianship
9. Gliffy drawing tool
10. Stupid things that happened in education this week

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