Make Reading a Habit – It’s Time! Part 2

16 Feb

I am searching for a slogan for this discussion on reading and time- so this continues the exploration of reading begun last post, but with a new heading.
The following is from ZACHARY ALAN CHASE
New (old) reading What is your take on Silent Sustained Reading?

Setting aside time each day for students to read is something I support, but how SSR is often implemented concerns me. This activity becomes demotivating for kids when we add conditions for performance to it such as comprehension reports or reading logs. Students focus on the performance task as the purpose for reading and do not develop any personal connection to the act of reading. Reading then becomes about what teachers want and not about why readers read. Students should be able to share what they learn or experience from what they read, but in ways that are more authentic to what “real” readers do. Writing, personal response journal entries, sharing books with a friend or with you in a conference are just some of the ways to get students engaged in their personal experience. It works!

How much time do your kids get to read in class during the school week?
My expectation is that all students will spend at least 20 minutes per day reading independently. If I am conducting long, reading comprehension conferences; teaching small groups; or the students are using their independent books to look for examples of strategy instruction, the time may extend to 30 minutes.

Our high school students are consumed with extracurricular activities. How do you impress upon them the importance of good reading habits?
You have to make time for them to read in class. In doing this, you are teaching them to make time for what has value. If you do not make time for reading in class, why should they make time for reading in their lives? I would state outright that you are setting aside this time for them because you care about them and because reading is important to their academic success and their personal lives.

Whatever the flavour, it’s time

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