Vook Out!

27 Jan

Once again, thanks to twitter, ozteachers and oztlnet for sharing.
1. Vook read your book, watch videos that enhance the story and connect with authors and your friends through social media all on one screen, without switching between platforms
2. Library trendwatch
3. Another Day in the Life of a Librarian entry here is my entry site is here
4. Google Reader now creates a custom feed to track changes on pages that don’t have their own feed
5. Women V Men
6. Insights into where authors write
7. Fantastic blog on Library design
8. Book sales booming
9. How to write an awesome blog post
10. Great blog on technology

Day in the Life of a Librarian – my day –
Tuesday 26th January – Australia Day Holiday
Wednesday 27th January
• Up early , checked twitter on kutano and email, and posted to blog
• Final planning for lessons for 10 English double lesson today on representations of Australia, set up glossary on Moodle for the unit, Reviewed some movie clips for Year 10 English.
• Last year the database, Library Press Display, was excellent for 10 English for digitised newspaper content of actual scanned pages, but it did not work well today via the BCC Library site. However, it is still working fine via the State Library site using e-card. Used photocopies of newspaper articles on Australia Day from today’s papers instead, shared between groups – not good for the environment, but it is always good to have backup on the first day in case of technology problems. Would prefer paperless classroom, but students do not get their netbooks back till after my class today.
• Confirmed with State Library staff they are coming next Tuesday to speak to Years 12 students about using their databases, and arranged a computer lab as a venue which will be fine if the numbers do not more than double. Have already had a teacher delighted with the new database training program for Years 10- 12
• At school early – caught up with some of the students as they arrived
• Still trying to arrange to participate in a Gold Coast multimedia/copyright youth challenge – some steps forward, but waiting on the organizers now – still not sure it will eventuate
• Attended Welcome Assembly for 2 of the 6 periods
• Taught Year 10 English double- it was hot, the airconditioning was not working and we need a bigger room – started the process of trying to change rooms for future lessons. However, we made good progress on representation of Australia, media, stories and reading. Students worked well and persisted in difficult conditions.
• Created quick display on Australian fiction for a teacher tomorrow. Collected Australian novels to scan excerpts. Ordered some urgent books for teachers.
• The archives and video induction initiatives make some progress.
• Home – checked twitter and emails
• Finished Open by Agassi –quite enjoyable, though not sure how much is fact V fiction, now reading Dreaming of Amelia by Moriarty

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