LibraryLand Headlines 24/1/2010

23 Jan

1. Research into online and blended learning – Research shows blended learning boosts achievement Students want more online learning Online learning better than fact to face?
2. See what the world’s governments are admitting to knowing and doing
3. Example of Livebinder – a site to collect all your online resources -example from an English teacher
4. Ideas for presentations, interactive games and exercises for schools
5. Blogging – Blogging tools Safe blogging tips
6. Using Web 2.0
7. Book awards
8. Hot blog or not? This readingpower blog scored 164 points and came 67th place out of 720. How is this calculated? Why do this and who cares – a matter for yourself
9. Library blogs of interest – Good post on Library customer service Designing better libraries
10. Fighting for Attention: Engaging E-Learning Hacks – includes strange uses of Audacity and 3 D Collage – design hybrid 2D/3D images by using a photograph as a backdrop and importing 3D models into the scene. 3D Collage is fast, fun, and free.

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